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Private Jobs

Latest Private Jobs in Pakistan

Here you can see different latest jobs offered in all over the Pakistan in Private sector. Private sector plays a vital role in economy of Pakistan. The private jobs are offered in different organizations in Pakistan. Some of Private companies are as follows:-

  • Milk and Nutrition Companies: Like Nestle, Halib, Olper, Maggi etc
  • Beverages and Drinks: Like PEPSI, Coca Cola, Gormet, Shezan etc
  • Food, Oil and Ghee Industries: Like Dalda, Mezan, Habib, Tulo, Kisan
  • Multinational Companies: Like Liver Brothers, P&G of Pakistan etc
  • Heavy Industries: Like Fertilizer Companies, Sugar Factories, Textile Mills etc
  • Textile Industry: Like Kohinoor Textile, Crescent Textile, etc.
  • Auto Engineering: Like Honda, Toyota, Suzuki etc.
  • Banking Sector: Like Habib Bank, Bank Al Habib, Askari Bank, United Bank, Allied Bank, Mezan Bank, Soneri Bank, Micro Finance Bank, Islamic Bank etc
  • Teaching Faculty: in different Universities, Colleges, Schools, Institutes established in private sector like Allied school system, Punjab Group of Colleges, COMSATS etc.
  • Medical Sector: Different Hospitals working as private Hospitals

In above said organizations and much more other organizations different posts are offered. Eligible candidates having required qualifications / experience can apply for offered jobs. These different posts include from doctors to nurse, Medical Specialists to Medical Technicians, Professors to Teachers, Registrars to Lecturers, Engineers to Technicians, Managers to Workers, Finance to Information Technology etc.

List of Latest Private Jobs 2017

Latest Jobs in this category are listed below:-

posted date: 23-01-2019, last date: 29-01-2019 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 17-01-2019, last date: 20-01-2019 Newspaper: Express
posted date: 14-01-2019, last date: 23-01-2019 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 06-01-2019, last date: 13-01-2019 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 03-01-2019, last date: 16-01-2019 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 01-01-2019, last date: 31-01-2019 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 21-12-2018, last date: 28-12-2018 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 16-12-2018, last date: 24-12-2018 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 07-12-2018, last date: 21-12-2018 Newspaper: Not Mentioned
posted date: 02-12-2018, last date: 08-12-2018 Newspaper: Nawaiwaqt
posted date: 02-12-2018, last date: 11-12-2018 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 02-12-2018, last date: 23-12-2018 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 28-11-2018, last date: 09-12-2018 Newspaper: Express
posted date: 25-11-2018, last date: 10-12-2018 Newspaper: Dawn
posted date: 21-11-2018, last date: 25-11-2018 Newspaper: Dawn
posted date: 18-11-2018, last date: 19-11-2018 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 11-11-2018, last date: 19-11-2018 Newspaper: Dawn
posted date: 11-11-2018, last date: 25-11-2018 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 04-11-2018, last date: 19-11-2018 Newspaper: Dawn
posted date: 04-11-2018, last date: 12-11-2018 Newspaper: Dawn
posted date: 04-11-2018, last date: 16-11-2018 Newspaper: Nawaiwaqt
posted date: 04-11-2018, last date: 19-11-2018 Newspaper: Express
posted date: 30-10-2018, last date: 05-11-2018 Newspaper: Dawn
posted date: 30-10-2018, last date: 30-11-2018 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 28-10-2018, last date: 05-11-2018 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 26-10-2018, last date: 04-11-2018 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 23-10-2018, last date: 02-11-2018 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 20-10-2018, last date: 05-11-2018 Newspaper: Jang