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Here is the page where complete and fresh information about commission officer, Airmen and Airwomen Jobs of PAF in 2019 is available apply online now at PAF Jobs and career opportunities would be updated on as published basis. Pakistan Air Force offers Permanent Commission as GD Pilot, Engineering Cadets and in other trades, branches, Short service commission (SSC) and Special Purpose Short Service Commission is also offered in Admin branch, Education branch, Logistics branch, Accounts branch and as an Education Instructor or Religious Teacher .On Successful Completion of training rank as Lieutenant and pilot officer is awarded. Both male and females can join Pakistan Air Force, PAF After Intermediate (FA, F.SC ) Bachelor’s level (BA, BSC, B.E, BS, BCS) and Master’s Level (MA, MSC, MBA, M.COM, MCS) qualification.

Pakistan Air Force offers following categories of Jobs:-

(a)          Commissioned Officers (Starting from Grade-17 and above)

(b)          Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) (Starting from Grade 14 to 16 only)

(c)          Airmen (Starting from Grade 5 to 16)

(d)          Civilians (Starting from Grade 1 and above)

(a)       Commissioned Officers (Pilot Officer)

There are three main categories of commissioned officers in Pak Air Force:-

(i)            Regular Commission

(ii)          Short Service Regular Commission

(iii)         Direct Short service Commission

Officers are promoted to next higher ranks according to civil /military qualifications and specified time span of ranks. Maximum rank is Air Marshal. They can serve upto 60 years of age.

(b)       Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs) (Assistant Warrant Officer)

(i)            Education Instructors

(ii)          Naib Khateeb and Khateeeb

JCOs are promoted to next higher ranks according to civil / military qualifications and specified time span of ranks. Maximum Rank is Chief Warrant Officer. They can serve upto 25 years.

(c)       Airmen (Aircraft Man)

            Airmen are selected in many Technical and non-Technical fields keeping in-view the personal aptitude and qualifications. Airmen are promoted to next higher ranks according to their civil / military qualifications and specified period in different ranks. The maximum rank for airmen is Chief Warrant Officer. Service period depend upon the rank acquired but maximum 25 years.

(d)       Civilians

            Civilians are selected in many fields from grade-1 to civilian gazetted officers. Service period is upto 60 years of age.

Check eligibility criteria, Age, Experience and qualification for latest PAF Jobs in the table  below.

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