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Atomic Energy Jobs

Atomic Energy Jobs 2018 in Pakistan www.paec.gov.pk

Find all Atomic Energy Jobs announced in Pakistan 2018 on Paperpk. Jobs in Atomic Energy are announced regularly in top Newspapers. Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission also known as PAEC is one of Pakistan highly paid and most efficient Federal government organization. It has various Projects across the country and most times its job advertisements publish as different PO Box advertisements.

PAEC has main headquarters in Islamabad is producing Power from nuclear technology in Chamsa, Lahore, Karachi, Abbottabad and other big cities of Pakistan. PAEC requires both trainee and experienced staff.Its most Jobs are for Technicians ( DAE and other diploma holders), Engineers, Medical Officers, Scientific Officer Junior Assistant,Data entry operators Driver & Other Vacancies under Special Pay Package (SPS).

Here you would be able to know eligibility criteria, download Application Forms How to Apply, Vacancies/ Posts List and Last Date etc. All Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Islamabad PAEC Jobs 2016 Latest Advertisement are available at paperpk-jobs.com.

Atomic Energy Jobs 2017 in Pakistan www.paec.gov.pk

Pakistan Atomic Energy Jobs 2018

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