Wednesday , September 20 2017

Government Jobs

Government Jobs in Pakistan

You can view all Government Jobs 2017 announced in Pakistan. Here are all jobs offered in different departments of Federal Govt, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khayber Pakhtoonkhaw, FATA, Gilgit, Baltistan Govt. Here all ministries jobs like Ministry of Defence, Interior Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance etc and different govt department jobs like WAPDA, WASA, PTCL, PTA, NBP, Medical Hospitals, Pakistan Cricket Board and different government departments.  These jobs are offered on permanent / contract basis. Posts are offered through NTS, Federal public service commission or provincial public service commission or any other method which Govt of Pakistan consider to apply for selection.

List of Government Jobs 2017 in Pakistan

All Govt Jobs in this category are listed below:-

posted date: 19-09-2017, last date: 04-10-2017 Newspaper: Mashriq
posted date: 19-09-2017, last date: 04-10-2017 Newspaper: Dawn
posted date: 19-09-2017, last date: 21-09-2017 Newspaper: Nawaiwaqt
posted date: 19-09-2017, last date: 03-10-2017 Newspaper: Dawn
posted date: 19-09-2017, last date: 02-10-2017 Newspaper: The News
posted date: 19-09-2017, last date: 30-09-2017 Newspaper: The News
posted date: 19-09-2017, last date: 06-10-2017 Newspaper: Nawaiwaqt
posted date: 18-09-2017, last date: 03-10-2017 Newspaper: Dawn
posted date: 18-09-2017, last date: 25-09-2017 Newspaper: Dawn
posted date: 18-09-2017, last date: 05-10-2017 Newspaper: Nawaiwaqt
posted date: 18-09-2017, last date: 05-10-2017 Newspaper: Express
posted date: 18-09-2017, last date: 02-10-2017 Newspaper: Express
posted date: 18-09-2017, last date: 28-09-2017 Newspaper: Dawn
posted date: 18-09-2017, last date: 03-10-2017 Newspaper: The News
posted date: 18-09-2017, last date: 02-09-2017 Newspaper: The News
posted date: 17-09-2017, last date: 02-10-2017 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 17-09-2017, last date: 07-10-2017 Newspaper: Express
posted date: 17-09-2017, last date: 05-10-2017 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 17-09-2017, last date: 05-10-2017 Newspaper: The Nation
posted date: 17-09-2017, last date: 02-10-2017 Newspaper: Jang
posted date: 17-09-2017, last date: 28-09-2017 Newspaper: Express
posted date: 17-09-2017, last date: 01-10-2017 Newspaper: The News